Saturday, December 7, 2013

EBS Fuzzmo – Fuzz Effect Pedal For Bass & Guitar

EBS Fuzzmo – Fuzz Effect Pedal For Bass & Guitar
The EBS FuzzMo pedal is developed by EBS to fill the gap between EBS excellent distortion pedals and a vintage type of fuzz effect for bass. The pedal produces a wide range of vintage and modern effects with several features to dial-in Your favorite fuzz tone.

Blending possibilities.
Similar to the Billy Sheehan Signature Drive, you can blend the fuzz tone with a clean signal. Fire up the distortion engine gain as much as you like with the íGainí control, set the íVolumeí for the distortion and then blend in the clean unaffected tone by turning up the íBlendí control. Instead of a tone control, the EBS FuzzMo features a íShapeí control that changes the shape of the gain engine, from triangle to square wave through the passive tone stack.

Character filter.
If the controls does not offer enough flexibility, this pedal also feature a íCharacterí filter. This goes in three steps from flat, to subtle mid-scoop, to maximum mid-scoop (or cut).

True Bypass.
The EBS FuzzMo uses a True Bypass footswitch. The pedal runs on 9V DC battery or Power Supply.

Analog effect
Controls for Gain, Shape, Volume and Blend
Offering the feature of blending signal from clean to max fuzz
60 dB Ultra High Gain Distortion
MID Scoop Character filter with 3 positions: Flat/Medium/Max
Wide range of Fuzz sounds ranking from Classic fuzz from the 60ís to the raving 21st century
Ultra low power consumption
True Bypass

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