Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Peg" Steely Dan - Chuck Rainey -Bass Sheet - Free Download -

Free Bass Sheet Peg Steely Dan
Chuck Rainey
"Peg" is a song by American rock group, Steely Dan, first released on the band's 1977 album entitled Aja. The track was released as single in 1977 with Chuck Rainey on Bass Guitar and reached #11 on the USBillboard chart in 1978 and #8 on the Cash Box chart.

The song is a blend of rock, jazz, and R&B. The song's guitar solo was attempted by seven top studio session guitarists ‒ including Robben Ford ‒ before Jay Graydon's version became the "keeper".He worked on the song for about six hours before the band was satisfied.
Michael McDonald can be heard providing multi-tracked backup vocals in the choruses, and keyboardist Paul Griffin can also be heard improvising background vocals in the final chorus and fadeout.
"Peg" was heavily sampled on the 1989 De La Soul song, "Eye Know". In 2007, the song was covered by Nerina Pallot.

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