Saturday, March 21, 2015

Manne: New WOODY PHANTOM model

Manne: New WOODY PHANTOM model

The Woody Phantom introduce the use of mixing desks phantom power as power source for the bass active piezo preamp.

Thru an XLR connector the bass will supply DI output and make use of the phantom power supply to give a superior signal, clarity, extended soundspace and wider and even frequency range spectrum, with unsurpassed dynamics.

The ideal sensor for this new technology is the piezo system we developed in decades, with its extended sub-bass range, prompt dynamics, even soundrange and and sparkle transparent hi frequencies.

The woody phantom is a new developement of the woody models built for Daniele Camarda. We borrowed the circuit from the last developement to Daniele’s 7 strings bass, with a minimalistic passive volume and tone, plus a passive filter with a pot for resistance load and 6 way rotary selector for hi bass cut condenser.