Friday, November 29, 2013

Korg OT-120 Tuner -- Review

Korg OT-120 Tuner Review

Everyone that plays an instrument (bass guitar for example), whether it's for fun or for a living, understands the value of tuning it correctly and accurately so that they are able to perform at the full level of quality of the instrument. It has never been simpler to accomplish that than using the Korg OT-120 Tuner.

This small device is all that's necessary to ensure that you are able to tune a large range of orchestral instruments, including liras, xylophones, harps and many more. Depending on your preference, this tuner offers both a standard needle display and an LCD one on the back. The manual makes all of the features of the Korg OT-120 precise and simple to implement.

The back display can show you the level of sound, how much battery you have remaining, as well as identify the notes and gammas. In order to specify the mode you prefer for your instrument, the main thing you should utilize is the large dial. For fine tuning and other options of this type you should use the switches positioned on the side. Every thing is encased inside a timeless, professional looking, gray design.
The Korg OT-120 can easily support pitches in an array of 349 hertz to 499 hertz. So that you can most effectively set the pitch, the tuner will provide you with the option of recognizing it automatically or by selecting it yourself. A large number of users were impressed by the accuracy along with the quick response time of the needle indicator.

In order to set a reference tone, the Korg OT-120 enables you to connect microphone and, once you have entered the input, it will attempt to play back the note that is nearest to the one recorded it was in. However, you don't have to tune your instrument solely via the ear. The display will reveal the difference in pitch simultaneously, which makes it simpler and easier for you to learn how to properly tune your musical instrument.
One of the more impressive things about this gadget is that the batteries tend to last for quite a while, more than 100 hours when you are using 2 triple-A batteries. If you don't have to carry it around, you could just purchase a separate AC adapter on-line.
Although the Korg OT-120 may be used for a great number of instruments, whether they are string-based or wind-based, it seems the tuner functions at its best on violins, bass guitars, and pianos. Many musicians have become very partial to the playback option that assists them in practicing their pitch.
Together using these remarkable properties, you may also obtain a more durable housing for the tuner in case you are the type of music performer which travels frequently. The standard model of the Korg OT-120 is fairly resistant, however it is of course a high precision instrument and should be handled carefully. Ordering an impact resistant casing may extend the lifetime of this instrument as well as accuracy

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