Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The KingBass Paramatrix

The King Bass Paramatrix

The King Bass Paramatrix
is the result of over 12 years development.
A radical active EQ design and 
Bi-Max pickups are at the centre of the transformation.

The EQ includes both treble and bass controls plus dual parametric circuits,
all working independently to allow a vast range of tones.

Bass control = +/- 12dB shelved from 100Hz
Treble control = +/-14dB shelved from 10KHz

Each parametric circuit operates around a different range of frequencies :

Low = +/- 10dB variable between 85Hz and 850Hz
High = +/- 12dB variable between 1.5KHz and 15KHz

Each Status Bi-Max pickup uses a unique coil system and three position switch to select either side of the pickup individually or both at the same time.

All positions are fully hum-cancelling and, when combined together, allow 9 different options which can be blended together via the pickup balance pot.

A side jack socket is fitted.

Refinements include setting the woven graphite through-neck into the centre of the body, 

under the bookmatched front facing.

This results in even better sustain and a more 

even response.

The  classic  arch-top,  KingBass  body     profile 

is retained but the edge now  has  a natural  faux
 binding as standard.

The headless, compact   design allows  the  bass
 to balance perfectly and is amazingly comfortable
to play 
no matter how long the set lasts.
Headless mono-rail tuners and the unique
 head-piece are fitted. 
These have been designed by Status to work
 perfectly with both double-ball and regular

The bridge / tuner unit is fully adjustable to perfectly
 set the action and intonation.... once set, the bridge
 can be locked in place with the small Allen
 screws for maximum dynamics and sustain.

Hardware is available in gold, black or chrome.

Front or side LED's are available as custom options.
The front LEDs are a new "tri-star" design specially for the Paramatrix.
Blue, red, green, white and amber are available.
The 24 fret phenolic fingerboard has a regular 34" scale and 19mm string
 spacing as standard but the 32" scale, BendWell option and 16.5mm string
 spacing are available as custom options.

The Paramatrix is currently only available as a 4-string bass.
As with all Status basses, the fingerboard is available fretted, plain, lined
or micro-lined fretless at no extra cost.

A selection of exotic wood facings is available.
More photographs will be available soon.
We recommend using Status Hotwire, double-ball strings but regular single-ball 
strings can also be fitted. They can be locked into the head-piece with the Allen 
screws we supply with the bass.