Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Slap Bass Lessons For the Beginner - 3 Things to Know and Remember

Slap Bass Lessons are available in all kinds of formats these days audio, video, book and even on-line. No matter what type of media you choose to start your journey to learning how to play slap bass you must always concentrate on the fundamentals no matter what your skill level.
Even a professional like Tiger Woods has a teacher or a coach that makes sure he never looses site of the foundations that built his golf game to what it is today. This article will touch on three things that a bass player playing the slap bass must always lock in to memory and never forget: Hand Positioning, Wrist Movement, and Thumb Attack.
1) Slap Bass Lessons - Hand Positioning
When playing the slap bass technique you must first make sure your hand is in the proper position or else it will be hard and awkward to play this style well. First, bend your arm at the elbow so it allows you to rest your thumb on the low E string. Imagine a scarecrow in a corn field - that is how your arm should be bent. With your arm bent in this position it will allow your hand to be in the perfect position to allow your wrist to move freely to strike the strings.
2) Slap Bass Lessons - Wrist Movement
In order to build up your speed when playing the slap bass style you must know how to attack the strings quickly and to do this right, you must use your wrist. With your hand in the playing position as described above move your wrist back and forth as if you were opening a door knob.

Do this several times to get the general idea of the movement. Once you have a good grasp for the feel of your wrist and how it should move the last and most important technique to remember is attacking the strings.
3) Slap Bass Lessons - Attacking The Strings
The most important part to remember while starting to take slap bass lessons is the amount of intensity used to attack the strings. Now that you know the proper hand positioning and wrist movement you must know how to attack the strings with your thumb. With your thumb in position as described under the Hand Positioning section strike the low E string with the middle knuckle of your thumb and hit it pretty hard to get that classic "thump' sound and then immediately release.
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