Friday, October 25, 2013

Schecter Stargazer Bass Review

Schecter Stargazer Bass
Do you want to try a classy Schecter guitar that runs through your fingers with utmost ease and generates stable, smooth and versatile tones? If so, then you are at the right place. Here comes the 4-stringed Schecter Stargazer Bass, which is preferred by all rock, pop and metal guitarists.
Based on the outstanding humbucking pickups, i.e. EMG MMHZ and EMG SJHZ and the third EMG active-2 band EQ, this Schecter bass guitar comes with a variety of attractive attributes and a sound of different qualities.
Solid Construction
The Schecter Stargazer Bass has an ash body with a lubricated rosewood fingerboard of 24X jumbo frets. The bolt-on, thin and C-shaped maple neck has a 34 inch scale that generates smooth to edgy tones. The 'string-through' bridge stabilizes the maple neck and bridge tones as required by the user. This string-through ability is also useful in maintaining string tension, which is nowadays desirable among those users who wish to tune under 'A-440'. The 'mother-of-pearl block' inlay portrays it as the classy bass Schecter guitar model.

The Schecter Stargazer Bass offers ease in handling and usage due to its slim body and attractive aspects, respectively. It is comprised of Schecter bass tuners, switchable humbucking and the EMG active-2 band EQ. The attracting feature of the EQ control set is its assisting in detecting flat, boosted or cutoff frequencies.
Moreover, the EMG MMHZ humbucking bridge pickup and the EMG SJHZ humbucking neck pickup adjust tones with a single touch of a switch and transfers smooth tone to the edgy one, and vice versa. You can even blend the tones into each other such as dialing in J-Bass tones, in the smooth tones etc. This transfer function is achieved through the coil-splitting operation of the MMHZ. The tone-transfer switches are placed closer to each other and thus offers you ease in using switches quickly one after the other.
Another outstanding functionality is provided with the full involvement of SJHZ and semi-MMHZ that generates bright tones through single coil operations. This amalgam of both pickups is noticed quite smoother and perfect even at the highest volume.
The Schecter Stargazer Bass guitar is available in different variety of colors such as crimson red, dark vintage sunburst and black. It can be purchased in $999 which is quite appropriate as its provided features.
The Schecter Stargazer Bass is indeed a combination of all attractive bass features introduced so far. You do not need to switch to different models for different tuning, all you need to do is to go and buy this all in one classy Schecter bass guitar. For sure, you will be feeling out of this world!
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