Monday, October 21, 2013

Eden EC210 Combo Bass Amplifier

Eden EC210 Combo Bass Amplifier Review by Eric Parsons… The EC210 is Eden Bass Amplification’s 180 watt model in their moreaffordable line of E-Series Bass Combo amplifiers.   The EC210 is badged under the Eden brand logo and is designed, engineered and quality controlled by Eden USA while being manufactured in China.  My initial impression as I pulled it out of the shipping container was that this is a good looking combo style amplifier. 

It is covered in black, heavy duty carpet with a corresponding black kick-proof metal speaker grille.  The EC210 weighs 46 pounds and has two 10 inch speakers in a ported cabinet that was reportedly custom designed by Eden for responsiveness and tone as well as being lightweight and compact. There are four large rubber feet on the bottom of the cabinet to keep it safely above any puddles of spilled beer. The EC210 does not have a separate high frequency driver and instead each driver utilizes a supplementary whizzer cone to aid in the reproduction of the higher frequencies.   The amplifier has a high gloss black finish with an illuminated Eden logo that glows cherry red when the amp is switched on.  The control panel on the amplifier sports eight separate control knobs: gain, compressor, Eden’s proprietary enhancer, bass, mid and mid sweep, treble and master volume.  The rear panel also provides a balanced XLR output, effects send and return, tuner out, headphone out, external speaker output and an mp3 player/line input.  The ¼ inch jacks appear to have threads and nuts constructed of black plastic.