Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Country Bass by Glenn Letsch --

Country Bass....

I can hear the snickers now. That’s easy. Just a lot of root-5. I have to admit I was one of the snickerers! But, years ago when I first had to learn country songs, I quickly changed my mind. Country Bass by Glenn Letsch is a great overview of country music bass playing
His choice of songs through the years illustrates the many different approaches to country bass. His transcriptions and recreations are impeccable.


Myself, with over 20 years of professional bass playing in this industry, was very impressed with how he recognizes the beauty in the most simple or intricate parts and identifies the nuances that make these parts so critical to the songs. For a player new to this genre of music, Country Bass will provide a great foundation and a starting point to dive into this music. So all you shredders, stop snickering and really have a listen. You may learn something along with a little root-5!.