Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cleaning Your Strings

A post about Elixir Strings set-off an interesting discussion about the merits of TSC The String Cleaner by boiling them. We had a ton of different people chime in with their opinions, both pro-boiling and anti-boiling.

Some people thought it was great. Some people hated it. Opinions were spread out.
But if there was any middle ground it was that boiling your strings will de-gunk-ify them and will work as a short time solution if you are in a pinch, but it will also ruin the integrity of the strings - stifling the tone and leading them to break more easily.
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However, what most people seemed to agree upon though was that there was some things you could do maintenance-wise to keep gunk from building up in the first place.

TSC The String Cleaner One solution was washing your hands before you pick up the bass. This is a great idea, and has the added benefit of keeping infectious diseases away (right Wiggles?). The other was cleaning strings after every use – which doesn’t take much time, and can go a long way to keeping your strings sounding great.
So today we’re taking a look at a string cleaner from Rotosound.
It clips over the strips to clean the strings from both sides, and uses microfiber pads to remove and hold debris without having to use any cleaning solution.
The Rotosound String Cleaner works for all 4 or 5-string bass guitars and promises to revitalize old strings and preserve the life and tone of your strings.