Friday, October 18, 2013

Bass Guitar Arpeggios

Bass Guitar Arpeggios

Today let’s look at arpeggios and how to use them.  An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played in sequence, one after the other, rather than ringing out simultaneously.  We can also think of these as chord tones – notes that constitute a given chord.  It’s essential that the bassist know the fundamental chord structures and how to move easily from one chord tone to the next.

Let’s start by looking at arpeggios and how to invert them.  

Jeff Berlin explains how to play arpeggios (chord tones) with approach notes.
Chord Tones with Approach Notes by Jeff Berlin

Learning arpeggios will help you create bass lines that establish the harmony while giving you the freedom to play more than just “the root, the whole root, and nothing but the root – so help me Dusty Hill.”
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