Friday, October 25, 2013

Ampeg 210 Sp Bass Amplifier Review --

 The Ampeg BA 210 SP bass amplifier is a decent bass amplifier and will most likely be fine for the average bass player. The bass amp by Ampeg has two ten inch speakers in the cabinet, and is a combo amplifier. This means that the speaker cabinet and the amplifier head are combined into one, which makes it much easier to move and generally to transport. 

Despite the fact that this bass amplifier wasn't very large, I still found it mildly difficult to move, because of it's weight, despite the wheels. It weighs around 76 pounds, so it's still pretty heavy (especially if you had to constantly bring it up several flights of stairs, like I did).
This Ampeg amp also comes with a foot switch pedal that can let you change between two or three effects. It has a large amount of effects options for the bass players interested in various effects. As far as sound and power goes, this amplifier outputs 220 watts maximum.
The sound itself was great. It has a recognizable Ampeg sound that is produced when playing with this amp. Furthermore, the sound was strong, crisp, and quality - a sound that all bass players strive for.
In short, the Ampeg 210 bass amplifier [] is a bass amplifier that most bassists would likely enjoy using. I found it suitable for smaller gigs, but i think that it would still do decently well on larger gigs. No large gigs, per say, but it would be okay for small and medium gigs, though if you were planning on playing outdoors for a concert I'd personally make sure it's okay.

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